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Stream Elevation Sensor 663
660 Boggy Bayou @ San Augustine Street
Key Map 538N
Harris County
Sensor ID 663
Sensor Type Bubbler
Installed 12/16/2020
Flooding Likely 29.77'
Flooding Possible 26.77'
Bottom of Stream 18.31'
Tip of Orifice 18.49'
Benchmark 32.74'
1” metal marker stamped HCFCD located on the d/s side of bridge on top of sidewalk near stream centerline.
1988 NAVD, 2001 adjustment

The Stream Elevation  chart showing Stream Elevation Left series.
Cross Section
Stream Elevation for sensor 663 is 18.74'
Reading on 2/4/2023 6:48 AM
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2 Days
Reading Date
6632/4/2023 6:48 AM18.74'
6632/4/2023 2:48 AM18.78'
6632/3/2023 10:48 PM18.81'
6632/3/2023 6:48 PM18.82'
6632/3/2023 2:48 PM18.83'
6632/3/2023 10:48 AM18.80'
6632/3/2023 6:48 AM18.81'
6632/3/2023 2:48 AM18.85'
6632/2/2023 10:48 PM18.83'
6632/2/2023 6:48 PM18.84'
6632/2/2023 2:48 PM18.83'
6632/2/2023 10:48 AM18.82'
Flood Frequency
10% (10-year)28.90'
2% (50-year)29.90'
1% (100-year)30.30'
.2% (500-year)31.20'
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